Competitive advantage of

Professional Approach

We aimed to support companies in their development through collaboration and partnership. We are experienced organization in procurement sphere which operates with all available best practices, applying Category Management approach into commodity execution process.


Purchase Volume has major clients in HORECA, oil & gas, construction, banking and IT industries. As a company we have huge buying power in most of procurement categories. You can decrease your costs leaning on our buying power and bundle discounts.


Process Optimization has a background of 10 years in the procurement industry. We have consulted huge entities and optimized their supply chain processes.  We use our expertise and technology in order to bring new values to your company.


Common Problems in Procurement

Procurement decision making power

Demand creation, poor specification, under or over-specification, lack of planning and forecasting, lack of standardization, lack of SLAs

Transparency of procurement process

Uncompetitive bidding environment

Documentation of procurement decisions

Lack of procurement technical experience / expertize, in-house knowledge, category know-how,

Master data issues: purchasing materials standardization

Poor understanding of saving methodologies and calculation

Support to decision making process

Spend visibility, management reports, market intelligence, savings visibility, procurement KPIs

Supplier pre-qualification and evaluation process

Oversized organization, flexibility of resource utilization

No fit for purpose automation.


Problems in Public Procurement

Absence of Annual Procurement Plan impacts budget request

Allocated budget does not match with APP

Non-efficient control mechanism

Abuse of Single Source buying mechanism

Challenges in planning conflicts with limitations in budget lines

Absence of Frame Agreements

Inadequate tender lead times and lack of flexibility

Time consuming internal processes

Inflexible processes may lead to inefficient use of government funds

Absence of possibility of ad-hoc buying

Contract limitations in foreign currency

Absence of buying / bargaining influence due to skills, complexity, authority


What we offer

Skilled Category Managers for any type of purchases

Replacement of in-company FTE by outsourced people  (Demand Based!)

Procurement (No fraud)

Transparent scorecards and reporting (Clear vision on spend out of cost structure)

Challenge specification by knowing the categories

Cost Saving due to

Professional Category Managers (big effort to obtain for individual company

Volume Pooling (several contracts for big volume)

Good market knowledge

No fixed FTE

Zero service pay concept is possible based on Net Benefit Concept