We want to bring procurement to a next level. Simplify job of enterprises and procurement professionals while running a bidding process.

eBidding is the ability to respond electronically to bids directly through online system. It serves as an alternative to submitting a traditional (manual) bid such as hand delivery, email or fax (when allowed).

What are the benefits of eBidding for my firm?  There are many! The following are some of the highlights:

  • Suppliers will not have to make copies of their bid documents and mail, fax or email responses.
  • Potential supplier will submit a paperless electronic response by entering prices directly into the system
  • eBidding saves an organization time
  • Bids or quotes are organized in platform and easy to find
  • Suppliers will have the security of knowing their bids are in a secure online lock box that no one can open prior to bid closing
  • Very transparent
  • Eliminates unwarranted pressure on bidding
  • Promotes free and fair competition
  • Record of bidding can easily be extracted for future reference or audit purposes