REDIMO corporation

REDIMO®  is a cloud-based, comprehensive procurement software platform that makes procurement easier, faster and more efficient to help you deliver on business expectations. We cover whole P2P process cycle, including budget and warehousing modules.

REDIMO® is a unified procurement software platform built for procurement professionals by procurement experts. Drive greater efficiency and performance with a comprehensive procurement solution designed to streamline and automate all your source-to-pay processes.

  • Identify opportunities, manage savings, make purchases and payments, all through a unified procurement platform
  • Boost adoption and drive enterprise-wide compliance with intelligent, intuitive interfaces and user-centric design
  • Manage all source-to-pay processes on the go with a mobile-native design – anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Enable fluid information, process and work flow – speed up your end-to-end procurement process
  • Facilitate greater collaboration and synergy between your procurement and finance teams
  • Standardize on field-tested, procurement process management best-practices and workflows

Considering customer’s business needs, phase of procurement development within organization we offer three schemes of automation for your procurement processes by REDIMO® for private and public enterprises:

  • Software as a product: procurement function is well developed, processes are defined and established, procurement end-state is clear, integration with current ERP included, business process adaptation is not included
  • Alignment of Processes: our experts will document current state of procurement in the organization (AS-IS) and document its end-state considering Company’s vision and strategy (TO-BE), implement using PMBook methodology, including functional specification, change management, software adaptation considering individual business’ needs are included
  • Establishment of processes:  our certified procurement experts will carry out procurement function audit to understand its current state, deficiencies and development opportunities, develop TO BE model based on organization’s needs and strategy, and build every block of P2P process considering worldwide best practices and narrowed to market specifics, software adaptation considering Company’s vision and strategy are included